Steelheart Goes “Through Worlds of Stardust” With New Album


The buzz surrounding Steelheart’s first full-length record in almost ten years has been building for several months, ever since the release of its first single, “Got Me Runnin’” back in July. In a case of classic meets modern, the latest sounds from Miljenko Matijevic-founded-and-fronted Steelheart are officially out today on Frontiers Records, in the form of the 10-track Through Worlds of Stardust. On the record, Miljenko says, “I cannot express how excited I am for you all to hear this new album. Our focus was to bring back the magic in the music with songs that have been lived, loved, laughed and struggled. I best describe this album as ‘deep, sexy, loving, twisted, romantic and hungry rock ‘n’ roll’. The record was recorded throughout parts of the world including a live string section recorded in Stockholm Sweden. I truly hope you enjoy this album as it was created from the heart and no corners were cut. Love you all; we look forward to seeing you on the road.”

Several tracks from Through Worlds of Stardust have already been streaming on the Frontiers Music Srl Official YouTube Channel, including music videos for “You Got Me Twisted” and “Lips of Rain“, and the official audio for “Come Inside“. Through Worlds of Stardust is now available for purchase digitally through iTunes (affiliate link) and in CD or Vinyl form from the Frontiers Shop. While Miljenko’s statement of “seeing you on the road” implies some touring in store for Steelheart, no dates have been officially announced just yet, but you can keep an eye on https://www.facebook.com/OfficialSteelheart/ for further updates on the record and other goings-on with the band.

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