Unleash The Archers Reach “Apex” with New Record


Today marks the official release date for Unleash The Archers’ new album Apex. The title track is currently streaming in audio form and can be found on Napalm Records’ official YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/NTWbVUUkWm4

Here’s some of what frontwoman Brittney Slayes has to say about the track: “The title track is not only the last song on the record, but was also straight up the last song written for the album. We wrote it the night before we hit the studio, right after ‘moving in’ to the little house in the Danish countryside we lived in while recording. It is very representative of the headspace we were in during our time at Hansen Studios, and it has actually become my favourite track on the album! I love the chorus; I wrote it with our fans in mind, calling out to them to join us on the journey that is this record. I love when the guitars just take off instrumentally as well, I told Andrew he had free reign to write riff after riff, one flowing into the other, very reminiscent of Hallowed Be Thy Name (which is one of my absolute favorite Maiden tracks!) and I think it turned out perfectly. We also played with dynamics a lot on this track, allowing it to become a summary of the adventure the listener just experienced through the first nine songs; I consider it a kind of epilogue. It’s on the longer side but we really hope to be able to play this one live! We’ll see what the fans think though, if they ask, they shall receive ;)”

You can also hear more of Brittney’s thoughts on Apex in a track-by-track video courtesy of Napalm right here. Keep an eye on Unleash The Archers via their official website, http://unleashthearchers.com.

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