Metal United World Wide Sets International Metal Event for 2018


“A night of united Metal” – that’s what a recently launched project known as Metal United World Wide has its sights set on for 2018. Drawing from the roots of MUDU (Metal United Down Under), an Australian project that, since 2014, has coordinated an annual day of nationwide Metal shows all performed on the same night under the same banner, Metal United World Wide (MUWW) is taking the concept and turning it into an intercontinental experience planned for this year. May 5th, 2018 marks the date, and though each of the shows are individually organized, the sense of unity within the worldwide Metal community will come from each concert across the world taking place on the same date at the same time, all under the “Metal United World Wide” banner. 

Any and all members of the worldwide Metal community are invited to take part in this event in their own way – from the organizers who book the shows, to the bands who perform; from members of the media who provide coverage, to all the metalheads who support from the audiences. MUWW’s current supporting partners include Wacken Open Air, Metal-Roos, Dragon Productions, and Naticus Music. Not only are new media, PR, label and other such partners joining in regularly, but more and more countries are consistently added to the list of those participating, all steadily building up to a grand-scale widespread global experience. 

The Metal United World Wide Project relies on community support rather than participation fees, and if you want to get on board, all you need to do is ask. Head to www.metalunitedworld-wide.com for more information and details on how you can get involved in this opportunity for global Metal outreach. You can also reach out to the project organizers via email: events@metal-roos.com.au. 

MUWW says: “Whatever you do, mark your diaries and be part of something special on 5 May 2018! \m/”

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