Judas Priest to Take Fans on the “Road To Valhalla”

Game Screenshot via iTunes
Game Screenshot via iTunes

Judas Priest has some big news, but it might not be quite the kind you might expect – it’s not a tour, not a new album, but a mobile game. Led by Sony Music Entertainment and entitled Judas Priest: Road to Valhalla, the iOS-friendly app is based around iconic Judas Priest songs, allowing players to unlock “stems” (in other words, pieces of the song such as vocals, guitars, and bass separately) and make their way to construct the full song. The game will also feature exclusive video clips of Rob Halford. You can see a trailer to get the gist of what to expect from the game here, and the mobile game app is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch via the app store here (Affiliate link).

Last but not least, a message straight from the band: “Metal maniacs are you ready to join Judas Priest on the Road To Valhalla…..? We are excited to have you take charge and lead the way on the bike and the tour bus! Let the molten metal mayhem begin with the thrill of the ride! Can you claim victory on this perilous journey that leads you into Valhalla…? Have a blast and enjoy! Rob, Glenn, Richie, Ian and Scott”.

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