Doro Releases Special Video Tribute to Lemmy


Metal Queen Doro Pesch has released a special video today as a tribute to the late Lemmy Kilmister, featuring footage and pictures highlighting their friendship and work together, set to the song “It Still Hurts”. Doro is known to have been a good friend of the well-loved Motörhead frontman, and “It Still Hurts” is a song that Doro recorded as a duet alongside Lemmy in 2012, for her album Raise Your Fist.

In an interview with The Aggressive Edge on WRHU earlier this year, Doro said of Lemmy, “Everybody was just so inspired by Lemmy. What a great musician, great person. I feel so blessed that I had the chance to talk to him, and go on tour with him, playing festivals and all”. Doro also mentioned during this interview that she had written a song dedicated to Lemmy called “Living Life to the Fullest” that she hoped to record sometime, saying that “we have to keep the legacy alive”.

Along with the new music video, Doro posted this message on her official website and Facebook page:

“Today is exactly one year ago since the Rock & Roll world lost Lemmy Kilmister, one of its greatest ever – and one of my best and most beloved friends. One year…and we miss Lemmy so much. The wish to honor him and his remembrance day with a video, showing some beautiful moments, came from deep within our hearts. And here it is: In Memoriam – Lemmy, one of the greatest heroes in Rock!

It still hurts…
R.I.P., my dear friend Lemmy – we love you!


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