Album Review: Jim Crean – Insatiable

Not too long ago, I reviewed a Northeastern stop of the Appice Drum Wars series of shows, one which took place to promote the recent release from the Appice Brothers, Sinister. In light of this new album being the first officially recorded collaboration between Vinny and Carmine, much of the attention was on these drummer brothers. But now, it’s time to focus entirely on the singer whose powerful vocals fronted that very Drum Wars show, not to mention his role as a featured vocalist on Sinister following a long history with the Appices, plus his own far-reaching solo career – […]

Album Review: Letters From The Fire – Worth The Pain

Letters From The Fire is a band that brings something new to the table while wearing their influences on their sleeves, and while those may be cliched expressions, they prove to be true in this case – drawing comparisons to other female-fronted rock bands such as Evanescence and Paramore, the band lives up to that role while adding their own undeniable personal touch. Formed in 2012 by guitarist Mike Keller, the Bay Area band has undergone a few lineup changes, but upon settling in to one fronted by singer Alexa Kabazie, they recently headed into the studio to record their […]

Album Review: Bad Omens 

  The self-titled debut album of Bad Omens is set to be released on Friday, August 19th. The LA-based band whose lineup consists of vocalist Noah Sebastian, guitarists Nicholas Ryan and Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson, Vincent Riquier on bass, and Nick Folio on drums, got their start in 2014 and soon after signed to Sumerian Records in 2015. After a year of hard work and several singles, the release of their full-length album is on the horizon. The album itself is not Bad Omens’ debut in the Metal world or on the Metalcore scene, as they’ve been touring since their Sumerian […]