Tengger Cavalry Aims for New Album with M-Theory Audio

Tengger Cavalry brings an unusual touch to the metal world with their unique brand of Mongolian Folk Metal, and now they’ve signed with M-Theory Audio, a recently launched label by Marco Barbieri, former president of Century Media Records and Nuclear Blast America. The exotic sounds of the band, featuring founder Nature Ganganbaigal employing Ancient Mongolian throat-singing and several native instruments, including the Morin Khuur (an ancient fiddle), the Tovshuur (a Mongolian guitar) and the Mongolian flute, shows just why they’ve sold out dates along two headlining tours with over six studio releases under their belt. Barbieri says of the band, […]

Sabaton Honored in Gold and Platinum

Sabaton has been on the road around the world in light of The Last Stand, their most recent studio record that hit #1 in the Swedish Top 20 Rock Charts. They’re also holding records in 3 other positions in the charts, and the impressive level of album sales they’ve achieved has paid off in the form of Gold and Platinum plaque awards. The Last Stand hit #6 worldwide and #1 in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany among others. On March 4, the band was honored with golden plaques for The Last Stand’s sales in the Czech Republic at Tipsport Arena, […]

Implore Signs Worldwide Deal with Century Media

With roots throughout Western Europe and some hard-hitting extreme metal to unleash, Implore is one of the latest additions to Century Media Records. The Berlin-based trio has been spreading their genre-blending Death Metal across the world since they formed in 2013, and they’ve got many a major festival under their belts, as well as over 200 live shows gaining fans in the brutal death metal, grindcore, hardcore, and crust punk genres, to name a few. Some EPs and demos have helped to do the job of spreading the word about Implore, alongside their debut full-length Depopulation from two years back […]

He Is Legend Drop “Air Raid”

He Is Legend will make their debut on Spinefarm Records, with a release set for April 28th. few is the fifth studio release from the band, and a new music video for the opening track “Air Raid” has premiered exclusively on Loudwire, which you can find right here: http://loudwire.com/he-is-legend-air-raid-video-premiere/. Here’s what singer Schuylar Croom has to say about the new release: “We’ve kept the cathartic experience of a He Is Legend show a strictly personal experience for our fans for some time now. Never have we hit this hard before so we decided it was due time that we showcased […]

Tribulance Returns with New Record

Arizona’s Tribulance may have had a share of trials and tribulations, forming in 1995 for a top 10 debut (called Trial and Tribulations) then disbanding in 1998 after industry shortfalls. 2012 saw the return of this old-school-influenced Heavy Metal band, rising from the ashes like a Phoenix – even though they’re from Tuscon – and the original founding members Michael Vidal, Sal Flores, and Gino Silva recruited drummer Brandon Lee to build their way back up into producing music that’s heavy and aggressive while still being melodic. On their style, Lee says, “I think what makes us who we are […]