Airbourne Pays Tribute to Motörhead in New Video

Australian Hard Rockers Airbourne have got a message to deliver while they’re Breakin’ Outta Hell on their latest studio album. The Spinefarm Records release includes a new track by the name of “It’s All For Rock N’ Roll”, and it’s all about Lemmy. The band has made it known that they forged a friendship with Lemmy through many occasions of sharing the stage with Motörhead. Lemmy made a cameo in Airbourne’s 2007 video for the track “Runnin’ Wild”, and it looks like they’ve included a bit of that footage in this new music video for the Motörhead tribute track. Airbourne frontman […]

Jinjer Delivers Some Extreme Grooves with New Lyric Video

You might say it isn’t that often that you get to hear Ukrainian Groove Metal, but if so, then maybe you just haven’t been listening to enough Jinjer. This band out of Eastern Europe has a unique brand of extreme metal music to present, and they’ve been doing it ever since 2009. The latest we’re hearing from them is a new album on Napalm Records by the name of King of Everything, and a new lyric video has just surfaced showcasing the single “Captain Clock”. You can watch it right here. The new album as well as other merch is […]

Warbringer Premieres New Track

L.A. Thrashers Warbringer have thrown a brand-new track at fans, and it hits hard. The band’s debut on Napalm Records (but fifth album altogether), Woe To The Vanquished, is set to be released on March 31st, and the newly released audio offers a sneak peek for what to expect. The album was produced and mixed by Mike Plottnikoff (Fear Factory, In Flames), mastered by Howie Weinberg (Slayer, Pantera) with cover art by the esteemed Andreas Marschall (Sodom, Blind Guardian, Obituary). The new track is called “Shellfire” and is being released on the heels of the record’s first music video, “Silhouettes“. […]

Kobra and the Lotus Stream New Track off “Prevail”

Kobra and the Lotus announced their signing to Napalm Records and teased the prospect of a new 2017 album a while back in 2016, but now the full details and a taste of the record have both been revealed at last. May 12th marks the release date of an album that these Canadian rockers have been hard at work on, entitled Prevail I. The album art has also been revealed, and can be seen below. There is a story behind the new record and its cover art, and frontwoman Kobra Paige is happy to tell it: “When we are born, […]

Interview: Dave DiSarro of Cardiac

Cardiac is a Hard Rock band on the rise, debuting in 2011 and touring ever since, while releasing a self-titled EP and forming a non-profit music education program along the way. They’ve got some shows coming up in support of Enuff Z’Nuff, and though Cardiac didn’t play that night, frontman Dave DiSarro (front and center in the above photo) was at the Ace Frehley/Enuff Z’Nuff show at the Canyon Club on January 29th. Chip introduced us so I could ask Dave some questions and find out what Cardiac is all about. Here with Dave from Cardiac at the Canyon Club, […]

Interview: Catching Up with Chip Z’Nuff

January 29th, 2017, Enuff Z’Nuff hit The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA, as part of their tour with Ace Frehley. A trek across the scenic Pacific Coast Highway plus a hike up some hilly roads is all it takes to get to this venue from Hollywood, and well worth the trip. It was a fun night with a fantastic show, and always great to see Enuff Z’Nuff live. I had interviewed Chip a few months prior, when the band played with Tracii Guns at The Backstage Pass on Long Island, NY. But a new year, new album and new […]

Concert Review: L.A. Guns at M15

The M15 in Corona, CA set the stage for one of the earliest 2017 stops along the L.A. Guns’ Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns Reloaded Reunion Tour – makes for a mouthful, but the long title is just to clear up which lineup audiences will be getting, considering there have been multiple versions of the band in the past. No longer should any questions remain as to who’s who in L.A. Guns. From stage to studio and everywhere in between, the current lineup of Phil Lewis (vocals), Tracii Guns (guitar), Michael Grant (guitar), Johnny Martin (bass), and Shane Fitzgibbon (drums) […]

Concert Review: Randy Rhoads Remembered

BashFest 2017, a yearly event coinciding with NAMM, a time when the cream of the crop comes to town in terms of musicians and you just never know who you might spot. A short distance away from all the Anaheim NAMM goings-on, Santa Ana’s historic (and maybe a little haunted, depending on who you ask) Yost Theater was the setting for this year’s festivities. Randy Rhoads Remembered was the focus on January 19th, bringing in Hard Rock and Metal musicians from around the country to pay tribute to a legendary guitarist whose music has had a significant impact on so […]

Randy Rhoads Remembered Interviews: Brian Tichy

The red carpet reception before the Randy Rhoads Remembered concert was the perfect opportunity to talk with the founder of the event himself, Brian Tichy. I was able to catch him for a few words on the event and his thoughts on Randy just before the show started. This is the fourth annual BashFest, a really great event with lots going on, and of course it’s your own creation in Tichy/Sutton Productions. So how does it feel seeing it all come together for the fourth time in a row? It really is great, this makes it all worth it, because […]

Randy Rhoads Remembered Interviews: Eddie Trunk

Eddie Trunk hosted quite a few concerts in a row during NAMM week, including the Hall of Heavy Metal History and Randy Rhoads Remembered. Despite the stormy night outside on the red carpet, we stepped aside out of the rain for a quick chat about Eddie’s latest radio shows, the Hall, and of course – Randy Rhoads Remembered. You hosted the Hall of Heavy Metal History last night, great event and the first of its kind. Just wanted to get some of your thoughts on what it was like to host and pay tribute to all those great artists. It […]

Randy Rhoads Remembered Interviews: Chas West

Closing out the night of interviews on the red carpet for me was vocalist Chas West. The show was just about to start, so I didn’t want to keep him long, but I did get a little insight on the event, and found out about a new solo record on the way. I know you only have a minute or so before you have to get inside, so I just want to get some quick thoughts on tonight’s event. Sure! Oh, it’s great. It’s a great show, you know. I think this is the fourth year we’ve done this now. […]

Randy Rhoads Remembered Interviews: Ira Black

Ira Black seems to come along with his own tagline – “the best hair in metal”. With a background that includes bands like Metal Church, Westfield Massacre, Lizzy Borden, and Vicious Rumors, among many others though, there’s no question of his impressive guitar abilities. Ira stopped by the red carpet before going in to take the stage at Randy Rhoads Remembered, and I was able to grab him for a quick interview about the show. Just want to start out getting some of your thoughts on tonight, what an awesome event, Randy Rhoads Remembered. Oh man, I’m just blown away […]

Randy Rhoads Remembered Interviews: Scotti Hill

“Crazy Train” is probably the best known song from Randy Rhoads, so being the guitarist to take it on in a tribute to the great virtuoso himself must be both a thrilling and daunting experience. It certainly seemed to provide nothing but excitement for the musician who took it on at this event, as he was very enthusiastic about the whole thing. Scotti Hill of Skid Row was the man who took to the stage to play this wildly successful hit, and I had a few words with him on the red carpet reception beforehand to get his thoughts on […]

Hall of Heavy Metal History Honors Icons at Inaugural Induction

How often can a fan of Heavy Metal music say they’ve seen their favorite band or artist inducted into a Hall of Fame or receiving some recognition on an awards show? Hardly ever, and perhaps not even at all. Fans and enthusiasts of the genre have noticed it…maybe even a few outside the genre have noticed it. Either way, there truly seems to be a lack of attention and appreciation for Metal and Hard Rock, especially when it comes to music awards ceremonies – but the newly established Hall of Heavy Metal History has set out to change that fact. […]

Dream Theater Reveals “Astonishing” New Mobile Game

It’s been a year since Dream Theater released their 34-track, two-act double concept album The Astonishing, and took the entire work out on the road by performing in full on tour. Now, making its debut today is a brand-new mobile game. Sharing a title with the record, this new game will put players right into the storyline of the concept album, as instrumental tracks and clips from Dream Theater’s live shows make appearances along the way in the board game style app. Opportunities to win prizes, such as tickets, backstage passes, and autographed vinyl are also a unique component of […]